With the advent of enabling technologies, the disciplines of customer experience, service design and customer-centric design are driving some of the change in the marketplace. User Experience (UX) focuses on how customers interact with organisations through online channels such as websites, mobile apps and digital kiosks.Customer Experience (CX) relates to all interactions across the customer journey, their design, implementation and management. All of this folds into the strategies around governance and measurement.

Service Experience

Service Design (SD) also focuses on all interactions across the customer journey. These include design, development and management as well as the supporting activities required to make them happen. Our Service Design methodology ensures that the experience is consistent across all touchpoints, breaks down silos and is designed around customer needs.


Customer-Centric Design (CCD) focuses on the development of products, and the activities of design, development and management.
The aim is that you truly understand your customers, and how to create the change required to work the way your customers think.