Aspects of a Digital Capability Framework

Digital Capability Maturity Models

Digital Use Cases

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Capabilities

Our Approach

We will assess your current capabilities to deliver on the vision and build a framework to enable you to develop the capabilities to:

  • Build digital expertise in-house.
  • Engage specialist niche external partners (when needed)

Digital teams are responsible for developing, testing, and implementing a strategy to reach and engage target audiences through digital channels like the web, mobile, and social media. A digital team works hand-in-hand with operations, marketing and product leaders to  create a content strategy. Digital teams may also be responsible for implementing cross-channel analytics, surfacing relevant emerging trends, and providing comprehensive guidelines.
Your digital team might consist of A:
Digital Strategist

Transformation specialist

Business Analyst
Project Manager
User Experience Designers
User Interface Designers
Solution Designers
 Infrastructure Designers

Core differences in these teams are that they recognise that design is a differentiator. A unique idea for a digital product or service is surprisingly rare, and design excellence is often the differentiator.
Understanding of design is not only a belief in the value of an initial concept but also adherence to the belief that multiple small design decisions add up to a significant user experience impact.
This requires a level of attention to detail and a belief in the value of micro interactions.

We help you to find staff who bring varied perspectives, earned from experience.
Experience can provide an awareness of a myriad of cultural sensitivities, making team members able to view problems from others’ perspectives and find creative solutions.

We will review and help to develop your Capability Framework to deliver in light of each individual’s understanding and capacity to:
Demonstrate leadership skills
Execute on each aspect of the strategy
Deliver the strategy via programmes and services