The implementation of a supplier engagement strategy supports the delivery of improved quality and reduced costs, as well as ensuring that you reduce the risk of supplier failure and cost aversion,

SUPPLIER ENGAGEMENT DIMENSIONS CLARITY My company knows exactly what (Company) expects from us. My company has regular open and honest discussions with (Company) about their needs and expectations.
SIMPLICITY (Company) is always easy to do business with. (Company)’s processes and procedures make it easy for my company to deliver excellence.
INTEGRITY My company and (Company) can always count on each other to do what we say we will do. When problems occur, (Company) works with my company to resolve them in a way that is fair to both of us.
RECIPROCITY When we share our best practices or new developments with (Company), they are eager to hear our ideas. We both need each other in order to be successful.
CONNECTIVITY We can’t imagine our business without (Company). (Company) takes risks to help my business succeed.

Develop supplier engagement strategy and performance measurements:

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Sample work sheet supplier engagement strategy:

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Sample service level agreement success factor:

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Sample work sheet supplier engagement
Develop Supplier Engagement Strategy and Performance Model
Supplier Engagement Strategy Sample KPI’s


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