In today’s world technology has provided access to information via mobile devices. These are enabled and refined so that we can procure and manage easy access to goods and services. You can now view your purchase orders, invoices, deliveries and reverse-auction results, accurately track costs for labour, error reconciliation, lost orders, maverick spending and delays in the process via your mobile device.

Automation has driven the need for new operating models, new procurement processes and the appropriate implementation of your strategy. Other driving factors to consider may include improving the value of your working capital by better management of your cash flow. You could collect the money from your customers earlier, manage your inventory better and pay your suppliers on time.

Improved market intelligence provides you with the ability to find the right suppliers at the right time. Today, there is a plethora of easily available Procurement and Supply Chain technologies via mediums such as the cloud or Software as a Service.

INSYGHT’s consultants can help you to develop the right strategy and operating model and then select, the right technology to support your procurement and supply chain function

Areas we cover include:

Your mobile device.
Procure to Pay
Contract Management
E-Commerce Market Places
Spend Analysis
Supplier Lifecycle Management – Risk and Compliance


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