To manage the key stakeholders in the business to develop the project/business requirements, delineate problems, create solutions, and establish roles and responsibilities there are a few key tools, such as:


Stakeholder identification – Catalogues interested parties either internal or external to the organisation or project. A stakeholder map is helpful for identifying the stakeholders.


Stakeholder analysis – Recognises and acknowledges the needs, concerns, wants, authority, common relationships, and interfaces to stakeholders and aligns this information within the stakeholder matrix.




Stakeholder matrix – Positions stakeholders according to the level of influence, impact, or enhancement they may provide to the business or its projects.


Stakeholder agreements is a collection of agreed decisions between stakeholders. This may be the lexicon of an organisation or project, the values of an initiative, the objectives or model of the organisation, etc. These should be signed by key stakeholder representatives.

Sample Stakeholder Impact Analysis Template

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Sample Stakeholder Map

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