The effectiveness of an organisation’s capabilities is impacted directly by the quality of leadership provided...

In any organisation, leaders usually provide the direction towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. Leaders influence the attitudes and behaviour of their staff. Great leaders are secure in their role and in their ability to do their jobs. They communicate well with their teams and mentor their employees. They make sure they know what their teams need to do their jobs, and meet their own goals. They challenge their staff and hold them accountable, but they also take responsibility if the team fails at something.

Underpinned by the Public Sector and Local Government NSW Capability Frameworks, these workshops have been developed to target skills and behavious which engage the talent in your organisation, enable high productivity, develop your existing employees into leaders so they are the right fit for your company.

Obtaining results through other people.

Mentoring as a Management Tool

Giving valuable and constructive feedback.

Understand manage and resolve conflict

Mastering Communication Skills

Continous Improvement